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About Us

Alba Espresso Service is owned and operated by us, Adriano and Kathy Ciccarello.  We and our staff have been spreading the joy of drinking authentic Italian espresso-based drinks throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area since 2005.  Adriano was raised in Italy and has years of experience making espresso. During his obligatory tour of duty in the Italian military, he worked as a barista in an Officers Club. He also managed the espresso bar in his family's pizzeria in Italy and at an Italian restaurant in the Washington DC metro area.  Kathy developed her espresso habit while living in Italy where she taught English for three years. During summer breaks, she worked at a traditional Italian espresso bar.


All of our baristas are trained by us in order to ensure quality and consistency.  We pride ourselves on gracious service, punctuality and quality presentation.  We consistently receive rave reviews from our clients who say things like “this is so much better than” then they state the name of where they usually buy their coffee.  Our coffee is noted for its smoothness and distinctive flavor as well as its artful presentation.


We truly enjoy sharing our passion for and appreciation for espresso and believe it shows!

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